A downloadable EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK for Windows

A short, 1 level game made in less than a day for R.A.G.E. (Really Amateur Games Expo) 2019 . Unfortunately I didn't submit by the deadline and then ran into some technical issues that I finally was able to iron out. 

Since making the game I've learned that, in the upcoming Sonic film, Green Hills  is not a town in Nebraska but rather Montana. At first I was absolutely furious at this news and lashed out physically, destroying many priceless family heirlooms as well as my antique dining room table and a cupboard full of expensive chinaware, but after calming down I've come up with an excellent explanation: this game is set in an another dimension where everything is the same as the movie except that Green Hills is in Nebraska.

Is this game CANON? Tell us your theories in the comments section! 

(This is a parody,  Sonic belongs to SEGA and the Sonic movie belongs to Paramount. I think.)



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